Application Instructions

ABOUT OUR Nursery Wall stickers:

Enchanted Interiors pride themselves with a wide range of nursery wall art designs but with using a quality premium self adhesive fabric material that is very easy to work with too.  No transfers, Squeegees or Rubbing is Required!

All of our Nursery Wall Stickers are in separate pieces enabling you to arrange them however you like in your nursery.  Made from a premium self adhesive fabric which is extremely thin and of high quality with a matte finish. They are easy to apply, remove and reposition making it easy for you to create a magical space for your babies within hours!


  • Plan out the area of where you want to apply the wall decals
  • For freshly painted/wallpapered walls it is recommended that you wait 3 weeks for the gases to be released and for the surface to dry before application
  • For the best results ensure that the surface is smooth, clean, dry and free from any dust or dirt and have been primed appropriately prior to application.
  • To start the application it is better to start off lightly positioning them on to the surface.  Once you are happy with the position you can then go back after to firmly stick them down.
  • To apply the wall decals remove them from the backing paper and gently smooth onto the surface.
  • To reposition the wall decal carefully remove and reapply
  • To assist with the ease of application, all trees arrive in sections together with simple instructions on how to apply


    Our nursery wall decals are removable and reusable and so on many occasions customers have removed them after being stuck on the walls for a number of years and moved them to a new room or even a new home.  If you think you will need to remove them after application please retain the backing paper and packaging enabling safe storage and transportation. 

    The wall decals should be removed slowly and reapplied to the backing paper, then rolled up with the stickers facing on the outside and reinserted into the plastic tubing.  Please make sure that when the wall stickers are being reapplied the surface must be clean, dry and free from any dust..

    To ensure safe removal and transportation we would only recommend using the backing paper they were supplied on.  Please note we do not supply the backing paper separately.

    If you are not applying the wall decals straight away please ensure you store them at room temperature in a dry location.